Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My first night in class

Soooo. Wow - Grad School is HARD. My syllabi are each over 20 pages long. Thankfully I only have 4 books between 2 classes, but that doesn't mean squat. There are also numerous journal articles and chapters from other books that will be provided for my reading pleasure. Woohoo! The workload is intense, as expected. And we have to think critically, which isn't a strong point of mine up until now. However, I think I am on my way to be better at that. I question things more now, especially since this subject really interests me.

My Human Behavior teacher started out class by showing us this video: It celebrates the diversity of humans, and points out how every similar we are. It just makes you smile. :)

In other news, I obtained a graduate assistnaship. I get to work 20 hrs/week and receive a tuition waiver! While the pay isn't high, the tuition waiver makes up for it. There is also a chance to continue working there after this semester. If they like me and the need is there, I can stay thru my entire stay! Fabulous. I really like the people in the office, at least the ones that I met. :)