Friday, April 10, 2009

Ugh. Ignorance is not bliss.

I was browsing the channels during my "lunch break" at home, and stopped on this Oxygen show called Pretty Wicked. Have no clue what it is about but saw all these pretty women in a homeless shelter, so I thought I'd check it out. Next thing I know, one of the women is saying something like "I don't feel bad for these people. They are the ones that started doing drugs or drinking or whatever got them to this place." Honestly, I wanted to throw the remote control at the TV. I turned off the TV  at that moment and immediately came to write about how it made me feel.

And it PISSED ME OFF! That exact attitude is why this world is so effed up! If they'd get their head outta their asses, and educate themselves on something other than how to use their new Blackberry, they'd know that children make up about 40% of homeless people, and about 23% are families with children! And let's not forget the women who have suffered domestic violence, or our veterans who get literally get shit on by the country they served to protect

I volunteered at America's largest homeless shelter, CCNV, last March (which is literally blocks away from the White House.) I spoke to these people and heard their stories. None of them chose that path. Nobody wakes up one day and thinks it's a good day to be homeless. No one wants to be homeless! We can't continue to look at people like they deserve their situation. Instead, we need to realize that LIFE IS HARD and not all people have the resources, family and friends at their disposal to bail them out when they've been laid off, are declined public assistance, can't find affordable housing, or suffer a mental illness - just to name a few of the reasons for homelessness. 

And on the topic of addiction. It is a disease and those people deserve the chance to be treated just like anyone. You wouldn't look at a person with Diabetes and think that they were worthless because they had a Diabetes, would you? 

Get your head out of your arse lady, pick up a book and get the facts straight. For more info on homelessness, check out the National Coalition for the Homeless