Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Penny More

We have to watch this PBS NOW video for Orgs & Communities. It is about the poor Immakolee Indian farmers who do NOT get Fair Trade when dealing with major food groups, like Taco Bell and stupid McDonald's. I remember participating in a demonstration for this group in my undergrad. This population is not dealt with in a fair manner, whatsoever. In 2000, a survey was conducted and it was estimated that 61% of all farm workers have incomes BELOW the poverty level! Can you imagine what their life is like in the year 2009?

In the land of opportunity, how is this possible? UGH.

This group stood up against Taco Bell for their RIGHT to fair wage, etc. But what of the many groups who don't stand up for themselves? Who don't have the knowledge, experience, courage, etc?

I'm telling you, I was meant to be on the policy side of social work!