Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 2010 Social Justice Challenge

The Social Justice Challenge topic for January is Religious Freedom. Here are the questions posted on the website. What are your thoughts? Mine are below.

What knowledge do you have of present threats to religious freedom in our world today?
Everything is centered around Religion - Abortion, Gay Marriage, Terrorism. People obviously feel that their beliefs are threatened, or there wouldn't be such constant global upheaval.
I feel like people worry way too much about others, when it is really none of their business (unless, of course, they are in some way harming others, etc). For example, it is ok if you do not personally agree with abortion. You have that right. However, you should not have the right to impose your belief onto another. (Honestly, separation of Church and State is the biggest piece of bullhonkey they ever taught us in school!) If we could all just accept each other as being different - and stop being AFRAID of those that are different - then we might just have a better future. TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE are the name of the game. We don't have to be the Stepford Wives to enjoy this life we live. In fact, our differences are what make living so damn interesting!

Have you chosen a book or resource to read for this month? I think I will check out the website. Looks VERY interesting.

Why does religious freedom matter to you? In all honesty, religion doesn't play a role in my life. I'm not religious, and neither is my husband. We were both raised in Christian environments, but our families didn't practice the religion. I am very curious about the unanswered questions we all have, but I do not dwell on trying to figure them out. I sometimes consider myself Agnostic, but that isn't very accurate either. However, I am VERY interested in learning about religions though, and I have always enjoyed talking to others about their beliefs. I find the religions of the world so very interesting. That being said - I DO believe all people have the right to safely practice and believe in their religion. There is just no reason that it cannot be this way.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of religious freedom? The freedom to practice and believe in any religion of the world, in any place of the world. The ability to choose what activities, holidays, events and everyday norms you will participate in. The choice to refrain from an activity, such as the Pledge of Allegiance, if it does not honor your religion.

This post is all very much my own opinions. Please let me know yours - in a civilized, non-threatening manner, of course.