Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm gonna be a social worker!

I had my social work orientation last night at FAU. I must say, I am STOKED! Since I am only going part-time, I will only have 2 classes a semester (instead of 4 + fieldwork). I will start fieldwork end of year 2, and I will work in the field 8hrs/week. Full-timers start Field in 2 weeks and work 16 hrs/week, plus 4 classes. Yikes!

I am taking these 2 classes this semester:
  • Human Behavior & the Social Environment I
  • Social Welfare History & Policy
I am also going to join Acolyte, the MSW Student Org. I am excited to get involved with them! The associate will provide me with endless networking ops in the community, plus ops to learn so much about this profession.

On another note, I signed up to take a 3 night Rape Aggression Defense course offered by the University Police. Since my classes get out at 9:50P, I figured it couldn't hurt to know some self-defense.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Story of Stuff

Very interesting video on where our "stuff" goes. She talks about extraction all the way through disposal, and includes everything that happens in between. Very interesting.