Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Social Work Field Placement

I am still awaiting my placement for my FIRST ever Social Work experience. I am MAJORLY excited, and can't wait to work in the field. My first choice for my field placement is at an organizationthat prepares young adults coming out of foster care by teaching them independent living skills. Transitioning to the real world is hard/scary enough, but doing it as a child who grew up in foster care must add to the stress significantly. Depending on the child's experience, they may not have a single person they can turn to. Having those people in your life, who can give you that extra oompf, tell you that you can do it, is very important to the self-esteem and confidence of anyone!

Each child is assigned a Life Coach and a Mentor. These key people prepare the child for life in the real world, providing them with those supportive relationships that are critical to the well-being of any human. They help the child develop independent living skills, prepare them to move on to higher ed or employment, help them secure quality housing, and urge them to take on leadership opportunities.

The cool thing about this organization is that they incorporate technology into their services. When a client finally secures quality housing, they are provided with a computer. In addition to face-to-face visits with their coach and mentor, these young adults can stay connected with them through the Internet. They use instant messaging and email to converse. They also offer independent living skill modules, such as how to balance a checkbook, on the web. Being the complete tech geek that I am, I was totally drawn to their approach. As you can see, I am very hopeful to be placed here. :D

I've decided to go for the Child Welfare certificate, as well, which means I have to:

  • Complete the MSW, of course

  • Take "Child Welfare" elective

  • Take "Social Work Practice with Vulnerable Children" elective

  • And do one of my 2 field placements at a Department of Children/Families or approved agency (of which Kids@Home is)

Wish me luck on this placement!!