Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Decisions, Decisions.

Today was a very interesting day.

Work, first.

I worked from 8 AM - 3 PM. Supervisor had a meeting with boss and came back to me with a surprising offer. He is offering me 10 hrs/wk - not 20 - flexibility (to accommodate my internship) AND paid tuition for the semester. I initially did not want to air that part of the deal because the other GAs work 20 hrs to get the tuition waiver. However, another GA and I were already getting a deal because were aren't full-time students, and that is a typical requirement.

However, I am not special in any way - boss made the offer for a reason. I think it is mainly because Supervisor will be having surgery at some point and will be out of the office for a short while. I am the most knowledgeable person on her staff, and I think he wants me around while she is out. He is a smart puppy, throwing that tuition waiver into the mix! He knew that would hook me. I think, at this point, it would be stupid of me to say No to that. I am pretty sure I can handle 10 hours/week. I live very close to school, so the commute does not suck out a lot of time. Hubs feels strongly that I should do it, if I think I can manage it.

Here is what I think my proposed schedule would look like. Of course, the graduate assistnaship said they would be flexible, should I need it. I don't foresee that happening too often. But when my agency wants me on a non-scheduled day for a certain reason, I'm there.


  • 8A - 1P: Graduate Assistanship

  • Afternoon: At-home job, chores, EXERCISE!

  • 11P: ASLEEP!


  • School work day: Homework, Reading, Writing, etc.

  • 4P - 7P: General Practice w/ Individuals

  • 7P - 9P: Field Seminar (every other week)

  • 11P: ASLEEP!


  • Exercise before internship, hopefully!

  • 9A - 6P: Internship (Do school work during lunch hour)

  • Get home after 7, most likely. Night is pretty much ruined after dinner and some form of relaxing/introspection/reflection of my experience in the field.

  • 11P: ASLEEP!


  • 8A - 1P: Graduate Assistanship

  • Afternoon: At-home job, school work

  • 6:30P: Weight Watchers Meeting (IF I continue going. I am confident I can do the program now without attending the meetings. Hubsis my support. $40 a month is $40 a month, ya know?)

  • 11P: ASLEEP!


  • Same as Wednesday

  • Dinner/movie with Hubs (at home, of course. No money to go out!)


  • Finishing up my hours for my at-home job

  • School work

  • Chores (with Hubs help!)

  • Enjoying my husband's company

  • Exercise one day

  • Hopefully at least an hour (or 2!) of some sort of activity that I enjoy, such as reading or scrapbooking!

I think if I stick to the schedule/plan, I can manage it. There won't be time for frolicking and spending time with friends, but sacrifices must be made. :/

Now, School.

I enjoyed my first day of my first class of my 2nd year! Well, other than the blistering hot ass room that we had to sit in for 3 hours. I pray that it isn't that way every class. :/ The course I am taking is Generalist Practice with Individuals and it is going to be very insightful, I feel. To me, someone who has no experience in the field, really focusing on how to communicate with a client, and think on your feet, is VERY USEFUL! I think I am a good listener, but I am not so sure that I am the most articulate speaker on the block. Two of my classmates role played and I was very impressed with the 'social worker's' performance. She has no real experience in the field either and she did a really good job probing and really engaging the 'client'. We will all have to role play (Want to learn how to do this but not in front of my peers! How nerve racking!!!), and we will also be taped doing it. *falls over*

I volunteered to be a note taker for a disabled classmate. I have to go sign up at the Office of Students with Disabilities. I am not sure of her true disability, but she is most definitley epileptic and has mini-seizures. She actually had one right before class, but I didn't witness it. She told me that she sporadically blacks out, and she doesn't want to miss any of the lecture. She seems very intelligent and wants to open her own non-profit someday to assist children, and I'd like to help her get there, even if I play a miniscule role.