Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To be, or not to be?

I hate it when life doesn't work out exactly as planned. Hubs and I had a long talk last night about switiching my Masters to the full-time (2 yrs) route, instead of part-time (4 yrs). Both options will incur debt, no matter which way you look at it. However, if I went part-time and took out the max amount ofloans every year, I would incur almost $80K!!!! A Social Worker doesn't make $80k in TWO (maybe THREE) years of work! I find it utterly stupid to incur all of that debt. :(

  • 2-yr: $40K ---> 4-yr: $80K (Hubs would probably have to take out more money those 2 years, so maybe it isn't better?)

  • 2-yr: Done quicker which means I can start working!

  • 2-yr: Can start a family after 2-years and not have to worry about school getting pushed to the side, wasting all the prior money and effort!
Unfortunately, I missed out on the opportunity to continue on a full-time program. You have to attend a Field Work Orientation, and the last one was last Friday. Because of this, I can not do the program full-time. However, after I have achieved 30 credits (2-yrs), I can switch to full-time and do my last year in one year instead of 2. So - I would have 3 years, instead of 4.

*le sigh*

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