Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm gonna be a social worker!

I had my social work orientation last night at FAU. I must say, I am STOKED! Since I am only going part-time, I will only have 2 classes a semester (instead of 4 + fieldwork). I will start fieldwork end of year 2, and I will work in the field 8hrs/week. Full-timers start Field in 2 weeks and work 16 hrs/week, plus 4 classes. Yikes!

I am taking these 2 classes this semester:
  • Human Behavior & the Social Environment I
  • Social Welfare History & Policy
I am also going to join Acolyte, the MSW Student Org. I am excited to get involved with them! The associate will provide me with endless networking ops in the community, plus ops to learn so much about this profession.

On another note, I signed up to take a 3 night Rape Aggression Defense course offered by the University Police. Since my classes get out at 9:50P, I figured it couldn't hurt to know some self-defense.

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