Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

FANTASTIC MOVIE! I am glad we decided to see this instead of Burn After Reading (which I still want to see). It was a perfect date night movie and Todd was so adventurous afterward. Too bad we live in stupid Boca Raton and have no big city to walk around and get lost in.

I am becoming a serious Michael Cera fan. He is just funny, and I can't imagine him being a different person outside of his persona in movies. That has just got to be how is in real life. Kat Dennings was sarcastically fabulous. Norah is the type of person I like to hang with. I love smart asses. There isn't a plot to the movie. It is just a fun loving, lighthearted romantic comedy that makes your heart smile. I loved the gay band mates - what a riot. Loved the dialogue between the two about what to name the band. And the scene where one of the gay boys gives Kat a bra to get rid of her "uni-boob" (how that woman ever had a uni-boob is beyond me) and then Nick notices that his friend has that "same bra" later in the movie. haha! (No sex scenes here ladies n gents. Besides, can you imagine Cera in a sex scene? LMAO. I feel dirty even thinking about him that way. He just shouldn't....ever. The point they brought it too was bad enough.) Norah's friend was a complete mess. Her freakin piece of gum became it's own character. All in all, I loved the flick. I am easy to please.

Todd was surprised to see the car Nick drove. It's a Yugo, which I knew nothing about. Hubs schooled me on the way home. Quite the interesting history. Check it out.

We had some good Asian food after. Todd had green curry and I had UNAGI! YUM!

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