Friday, May 15, 2009

My Field Placement is confirmed!!

I've secured my field placement! I will be interning at an ADOPTION agency this Fall and Spring Semester. I will be working with an MSW who graduated from my school/program, and she knows exactly what I will need to learn, be exposed to, how to write my learning plan, etc. She is an infant and international adoption counselor and I will be mainly working with her. She does home visits with prospective parents, goes to court to finalize the adoption, etc. I will accompany her on these visits and will be exposed to writing up home studies, which she says are like a biography of a family - every little detail about them is included. Each family member is also interviewed individually.

They mentioned the need for flexibility because if a birth mother has a child, we have to go to the hospitals on Saturdays, etc. I am fine with that, and they know that I have my other job(s). I will be working with them on Wednesdays and Fridays, and/or whenever the need arises. I could go to hospital visits, recruitment events, writing up progress notes/home studies, going to court, etc.

I am SO excited but very nervous. I know absolutely nothing about this area of work!! Being completely new to the field of Social Work, I am grateful that my field instructor is going to be working so closely with me. I think some people are thrown to the wolves, so to speak, and I would be terrified if that were the case! I asked for some literature to read this Summer and I got what I asked for: 4 books and a 3" binder of the Florida Statutes on Adoption!!

I have to go for my background check in August. And, I sent my field instructor and her supervisor a thank you email when I got home. I really am grateful for this opportunity. :D


  1. we have had our foster care/adoption license for only a couple months now. it was very intense with home visits. we had to start from childhood to now and tell everything about us!!! they even interviewed my 10 yr old niece. i wish you luck. sounds like you will make the world a better place. have a blessed night!

  2. Congrats Ash! :D You'll be great!

  3. Hey Girl!

    Good for you! I look forward to reading about your experiences. Sounds like it will be a challenge, but that's a good thing. You learn best when you're thrown into situations that are outside your comfort zone (trust me, I know!). Huge congrats!

  4. Thank you everyone! I really am so excited!!

  5. I found your blog through another social workers blog. I enjoy reading the things you have posted on this blog and your others. I saw this post and wanted to wish you the best of luck as you work in this area of social work. I am a parent through the miracle of adoption, part of a Birth Family and I am currently a licensed foster to adopt Mom.
    Social work in this area needs great people like you!!!
    Wish you all the best!!
    Brenda in UT