Saturday, December 5, 2009


My field instructor had to fill out my evaluation for the first half of my internship. For the most part, she chose "At Expected Level" for the area questioned. I did get a few "Above Expected Level" - which is always nice.

  • Uses field educator for direction, supervision and education. Most definitely - that is what she is there for (and she does a great job, might I add!).

  • Discusses strengths and weaknesses with field educator. I really accept professional feedback with open arms. That is how you learn!

  • Acts professional and responsible, is punctual and dresses appropriately. I worked in corporate America for years, so my professionalism is definitely present.

  • Shares in collegial work responsibilities, including meeting deadlines and accepting assignments. :)

  • Identifies the purpose and use of agency records and forms and completes written material on a timely basis.
This was her handwritten note for: Discuss student's performance, strengths and areas for improvement:
Student is doing very well in her internship. She is a team player who has adjusted well to the entire adoption unit and has been welcomed by all. Other staff take the opportunity to provide Student with additional experiences and learning opportunities. Student is motivate to learn. She displays an appropriate/professional demeanor at all times, whether at the office, at court, during visits or other activities and events. Sudent is responsible and punctual. She is inquisitive and outspoken. Student is at the expected level of performance for this stage in her internship and this field supervisor believes that she will continue to grow as a social worker in this internship, and in her social work career.

See! I'm learning something!
:) :) :)

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