Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brooke Fraser

I just love this artist. I really, really love her music. I really find her quite amazing, and thus, I'm sharing some of my fav. tunes with you. I was introduced to Brooke Fraser by a former classmate; a young Christian woman who has opened up a church with her husband. Not surprisingly, Brooke Fraser is a Christian artist out of New Zealand. I was raised with Christian ideals, but I refer to myself as a Spiritual Agnostic (and I just figured this out recently!). Not an issue though, I am open to any form of music, and some of Brooke's lyrics have very subtle messages.

My classmate told me that Brooke took a trip to Rwanda 10 years after the genocide. During her trip, she was introduced to a young girl named Albertine, and thus, the song below was born. Being an anti-genocide advocate/activist (although I can't say I put time into it now since my schedule is overfull), and since Rwanda has a special place in my heart, the song brings tears to my eyes every stinkin' time. Honestly, I hope to one day adopt a young child like Albertine.

Other beautiful songs by Brooke.

This particular video is really cool!

This is probably my fav (aside from Albertine) - the lyrics, the piano and violins, her voice. It's amazing.

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  1. She's definitely one of my favorites too! Glad you've discovered her.