Monday, February 1, 2010

Water: It's what's for dinner.

2010 Social Justice Reading Challenge

Did you ever stop to think about water, and exactly how important it is to sustain all living things? In America, water is as common as a terrible singer on a popular reality show. We take it for granted. Big time. Are you aware of exactly how desperate some countries are for potable, sanitary drinking water? I would say that access to potable, sanitary drinking water is a basic human right. Wouldn't you? Unfortunately, it is not a reality for many people of the world. People in countries like Bangladesh, Ethiopia and India mostly drink, bathe and urinate/defecate in the same water source. It is utterly despicable that some people must live this way - can you imagine drinking sewage with your dinner? It is also a major source of disease - cholera being a big one. Cholera is a nasty, nasty disease and a shitty (literally) way to suffer and die.
  1. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of Water as a social justice issue? I immediately think of women living in refugee camps, such as those who have been displaced due to genocide in their country. These women may have to leave the safety and security of the camp to walk for miles to fetch water (although the main thing they collect is firewood) which puts them in terrible danger of being raped/slaughtered by militia. I also think of the many women who have to travel miles and miles for one bucket of water and loose valuable time that is needed to keep their villages alive!
  2. What, if any, exposure have you personally had to a water shortage? My only exposure would be due to a hurricane, and we had to drink/bathe from bottled water for a few days. This is not exactly a shortage though, in the real scheme of things.
  3. What potential action steps can you think of that relate to this month’s theme of Water? We all need to do our part to conserve water. Did you know that it takes 3 plastic bottles full of water to make the one plastic bottle? Ridiculous, I know. One way you can help conserve water is to not buy bottled water, and instead buy a stainless steel container to refill, and a filter for your tap, or a filtered pitcher. You will also be saving the environment buy producing less plastic, which is not biodegradable! As far as the global water crisis, educate yourself and others!,,,


  1. Thanks so much for your responses! I enjoyed reading them.

  2. Wonderful post. I need to break my habit of buying water in plastic bottles.

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