Monday, March 15, 2010

Education Update

I only have one more assignment left to do this semester, even though the semester isn't over until end of April. It is a group project that is due 3/23. We have to create a proposal to start a new counseling group. We were assigned "Substance Abuse" and after listening to some real concerns a classmate observes in the field, we decided to concentrate on building cultural competency in the substance abuse/recovery population. I've been working on it here and there, and hope to finish it up this week. My partner does not work like me (I'm very prepared, she is pressure prompted) so it has been challenging for me. She will do her part though - I am not worried about that. I just want to be done already. However, we should wrap it up this week so I can create the presentation this weekend. Then we have to figure out who says what.

I also don't have to take my only mid-term since I'm participating in Lobby Day, which is on April 5and 6. So stoked! My internship in Private Adoption will be over in FOUR WEEKS! I am very sad to leave the agency, but more importantly, I'm very sad I will no longer work with my supervisor. She has been a wonderful teacher, and I am so appreciative of her. :)

The Summer/Fall schedule just came out. Aside from my London trip this Summer, looks like I will be able to take
Child Welfare, which is one of my 2 needed electives for the Child Welfare Certificate. This course examines the issues of professional practice in child welfare that will enable students to bring skills and knowledge to their practice in assessing and intervening in situations of abuse and neglect involving children and families.

Looks like my Fall classes will be on Wed/Thurs. Here are the core classes I will be taking:
  • Advanced Theory and Practice with Children and Adolescents: Focuses on the application of theories, concepts, and principles in direct treatment of children and adolescents.
  • Psychopathology in Clinical Practice: This course focuses on the dysfunctional aspects of human behavior and personality. (SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS CLASS!)
  • Advanced Evaluation for Social Work Practice: Designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in research methods emphasizing the evaluation and analysis of clinical social work services and programs. (Ugh - more research.)
  • Field Seminar
Still haven't been contacted re: my next internship. I have to wait until all the Title-IV people are placed, just like last time. It is SO nerve racking. I do not want to be placed in an agency I have no interest in...*sigh*


  1. I am going to use the phrase "pressure prompted" to describe my procrastinating ways from now on - LOVE IT.

  2. That is how it is described in the professional area that I used to work in. :)

  3. I LOVED Psychopathology. Yes... difficult... but very interesting nonetheless.

    Great lineup of classes.
    (I kinda miss school!)

    Jen :)