Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Paycheck or Service? Is There a Middle Way?

Ahhhh. The question all of us do-gooders have on the brain. Let's face it - my future path in Social Work is not known for fat paychecks. In fact, they are known for being overworked, stressed to the max and in debt up to their eyeballs. (Why did I sign up for this...??)

The New York Times recently published an article (link above) that talks about graduates who go into school with high ideals for changing the world, but come out working for big business.

A professor name Howard Gardner is teaching “reflection” seminars at Harvard, Amherst and Colby, in hopes he will "push undergraduates to think more deeply about the connection between their educations and aspirations." A lot of these top school grads are headed off to Wall Street, which I think is a waste! This professor hope his seminars will encourage more students to consider public service and other careers beyond the consulting and financial jobs that most of these top college grads flock too.

Is there a middle ground between a nice paycheck and public service? Why the heck is such an important function of our messed up society paid SO little? I don't understand it. While I was at USF, I met so many amazing do-gooders who don't seem to give a damn about money. However, are we all prepared to starve while we fight the injustices of our world?

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