Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Next Field Internship

So, I'm filling out my field application for my next field internship. I am excited about some of my choices:

  • A couple of Independent Living program serving adolescents in foster care. This is a MAJOR interest of mine! Program focuses on activities that prepare foster youth and homeless teens for successful independent living when they turn 18. Offered during after-school hours, the curriculum includes core classes, job coaching, substance abuse prevention activities, sports clubs, broadcast journalism training and life skills classes.
  • A community-based, gender-responsive prevention, diversion and early intervention program serving girls, ages 12-17. The particular model of this org has been recognized nationally for helping girls find success in school, with their families and in their communities by integrating education, counseling, training and advocacy. Another area of interest!
  • Social Work in Schools!
  • A charitable organization that is composed of a network of host and sponsor faith communities that help homelessness families with children. The program brings immediate but temporary shelter, meals, and support services to homeless families. The goal is to restore the families to long term self sufficiency. I think one of my classmates is currently interning here


  1. The first two sound really interesting :) Good luck.

  2. If you EVER think that you might EVER want to practice school social work, make sure you do all the requirements in order to be certified. In my state there is a special certification, which I didn't get, that I seriously regret right now. :)