Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spring 2010 Semester

My new semester starts tomorrow. I am going to be taking my Practice w/ Groups and Families course, as well as my Field Seminar. I am starting my field practicum back tomorrow at my internship. I look forward to what this semester shall bring, even though it means less book-reading for fun and more for pure learning. :(

I am working one less job this time around, which is highly affecting my lunch money fund. I left my graduate assistantship, which did not pay a lot but did pay my tuition, so I could have more time to breathe. I kept the job I work from home, as I make more money, but work less hours. Still, it is not enough income to support all of our bills, so I still need to take out loans, right along with the bazillion dollars Todd is racking up in school loans. It is a sad state of financial affairs in our home, but we will get by...With lots of Wii games, Netflix movies and leftovers! Oh, and we are hitting the gym TOGETHER tomorrow after our days are over and I hope to make it a common weekly occurrence (maybe Mon, Wed and Sat?). We need it.

P.S. I sent an email to the School of Social Work to tell them I going to attend full-time next school year to get done in 3 years, instead of 4. I will hopefully take my 3 electives this summer (if available) to lighten the load a bit. I am freaking out over the amount of work I will have on my plate. I've never done college full-time, and doing grad school full-time makes me want to either vomit or pass out. However, I'm a dedicated woman who doesn't give up easily. So - wish me luck! (I am doing this so Todd and I can start a family. I need to be done with school first though, and since I turn 31 in a few weeks, I feel we need to get the ball rolling!)

EDIT: Todd and I just made a pact (sealed with a kiss) to hit the gym every Mon and Wed after our day is over, plus do some sort of exercise on Sat - gym, walk, Wii, etc. YAY!

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  1. we just made the same pact... gym three times a week...
    good luck with school! I LOVED the practice classes!